20th - 29th JANUARY 2017

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Saturday 21st January at the Park Inn Palace Hotel Ballroom


10am The Exorcist: The Fallen (Garrett Benach  / 2015  /  USA  /  1h 22m)

A girl and her family experience a horrifying reality when she becomes possessed by demonic forces

+ Hell State (James Fox  /  2016  /  UK  /  27m)


Exorcist the Fallen strip

10am The Exorcist: The Fallen

Pray Her Soul To Keep.

A terrifying, realistic depiction of a family torn apart by demonic possession, and the lengths they will go to in order to save themselves. When their young daughter is possessed by insidious forces, a normal American family is caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil, fighting to keep their daughter's soul, and their bonds as a family intact until the demon can be driven away.


Hell State 315+ Hell State

Throughout history there has been tales of demons and evil spirits taking possession of the bodies of the living. You always imagine that it happens in a far away land or a time long ago, not all around you, in your time and your area. This is Irene's story...


Hollywood Betrayed Poster 200

12.30pm Hollywood Betrayed (Eileen Daly  /  2016  /  UK  / 1h 11m)

Scream queen Eileen Daly directs and stars in this tale of ghost-busting in ‘Normsville’, England

+ The Weird World of Molly Brown (Molly Brown  /  2016  /  UK  /  24m)

+ Hand it Back (Robbie Gibbon  /  2016  /  UK  /  9m)


HB strip

12.30pm Hollywood Betrayed

Deep down in Normsville suburbia, England, lays a horrible secrets. Only one man alone knows what is going on in the hotel of horrors and has invited the ghost busting team to help rid the place of evil.

Is the evil in the hotel or is it in his head?…find out in this true adventure film. DO GHOST REALLY EXIST?!


Weird_World_still_315+ The Weird World of Molly Brown

Five short films and animations by Molly Brown, on subjects ranging from zombies and serial killers to werewolves and... er... Christmas presents.


Hand it Back 315+ Hand it Back

15-year old Ryan is desperate to be part of the local gang even if this means stealing. After his first bag snatch, he is shocked to discover he has unwittingly stolen a 300-year old magical severed hand. Now unable to get rid of the hand, Ryan is forced to learn some important life lessons. Only when he begins to appreciate the hand and finds the strength to resist peer pressure is he able to free himself from its power.



3pm Dead Body (Bobbin Ramsey  /  2015  /  USA  / 1h 25m)

Nine high school kids, celebrating graduation at a secluded home, unwisely decide to play ‘Dead Body’

+ Undercover Mistress (Giulio Ciancamerla  /  2016  /  Italy  /  14m)

+ Bad Karma Santa (Kim Sonderholm  /  2016  /  Denmark  /  11m)


Dead Body Strip

3pm Dead Body

Nine friends. One of them a killer. How many will make it through the weekend alive? While spending a few days at a secluded cabin, nine college friends decide to liven things up by playing a game called Dead Body. The rules are simple: draw lots to see who plays the murderer, turn off all the lights, hide in the dark until someone “dies,” then try to figure out “whodunit.” The game becomes deadly when one of the players embarks on a series of all-too-real murders. Then it’s up to the survivors to overcome their paranoia, mistrust, and some long-buried animosities in order to out the killer, and make it through the night.


Under cover Mistress 315+ Undercover Mistress

During a photo show, a man enjoys scaring a girl until she decides to leave the exhibition. The man runs after her along increasingly dark and isolated streets dark. A man and a woman? Which one is the dominant genre?



Bad Karma Santa 315+ Bad Karma Santa

Just cause you're paranoid, doesn't mean noone is after you! A little tale inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell Tale Heart"


Pat Higgins

3pm Pat Higgins Masterclass: Horror Stories

3pm Pat Higgins Masterclass: Horror Stories

After writing and directing three internationally distributed micro-budget horrors (TrashHouse, Hellbride and KillerKiller) Pat branched out with the award-winning mockumentary The Devil’s Music. He's been called the 'Essex Auteur' in ‘Empire’ and “the Tarantino of budget gore flicks for style and dialogue” in ‘SFX’. He is the co-creator of the Death Tales series and was the original writer and creator of international cinema release Strippers vs. Werewolves. At last year's festival, Pat destroyed the master copy of his latest movie, The House on the Witchpit, live on stage. He has been writing and directing horror movies for the last decade and a half. Some have ended up as cinema releases; some have won awards, while some... haven't. Pat looks back over some of the more eventful times in his career so far, along with interactive bits and creative bits. Expect unseen clips, frank anecdotes and much more from our own ‘King of Horror’.



NoSS Poster Web 200

5.30pm Night of Something Strange (Jonathan Straiton  /  2016  /  USA  /  1h 34m)

Teenage friends are detoured to an isolated motel, where a deadly STD virus is running rampant

+ Commune (Thomas Perrett  /  2016  /  UK  /  17m)

+ The Pyramid (Michael Fausti  /  2016  /  UK  /  5m)

NOSS Strip

5.30pm Night of Something Strange

Five teenage friends set out for the beach on their Spring Break vacation. Good times are cut short when one of the group, Carrie, contracts a deadly sexual transmitted disease during a bathroom stop. When they stop for the night at an isolated motel, the real terror begins when the STD virus starts running rampant, turning those infected into the living dead. However, there's more going on at the motel than meets the eye.



COMMUNE_STILL_315+ Commune

A man takes a job as the guardian of a rundown London house. Charged with keeping the property secure, he soon realises that it's not the building that needs protecting, but himself. Amalevolent dark cult from the past, resides within the building and they are hunting for new members, stopping at nothing to make you, join them.



Pyramid 315+ The Pyramid

Two men find themselves in a seemingly innocent conversation following a violent home invasion in one of London’s luxury high rises.


Good Tidings Poster

8pm Good Tidings (Stuart Bedford  /  2016  /  UK  /  1h 37m)

Christmas Day: A homeless war veteran is targeted by three vicious psychopaths wearing Santa suits

+ Surgery (George and Samuel Clemens  /  2015  /  UK  /  11m)

+ It's All In Your Head (Greg Jeffs  /  2016  /  Canada  /  6m)


Good Tidings Strip

8pm Good Tidings

A homeless war-veteran with a chequered past must rely on a side of himself once thought buried when he and his companions are targeted on Christmas Day by three vicious psychopaths in Santa suits.



SurgeryStill_315+ Surgery

Kidnapped and suffering the diabolical torturous ways of ‘The Crude Surgeon’ for no known reason, Michael slips in and out of consciousness until he finds himself in safe hands…

All in your head 315+ It's All In Your Head

A bedtime story about the monster in the closet.


Killer Rack 200

10.30pm Killer Rack (Greg Lamberson  /  2015  /  USA  /  1h 38m)

A firm audience favourite, back from last year! Breast augmentation and H. P. Lovecraft just don’t mix!

 (Mj Dixon  /  2016  /  UK  /  16m)4

Killer Rack strip1

10.30pm Killer Rack

Flat chested Betty Downer (Jessica Zwolak) gets breast enhancement surgery from Dr. Cate Thulu (Debbie Rochon) and soon discovers her new assets are man eating, Lovecraftian monsters hell bent on taking over the world - and only she can stop them.  Co-starring Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Thurber, and Brooke Lewis as the voice of the Boobs.  Directed by cult filmmaker Gregory Lamberson (Slime CIty, Slime City Massacre).



Blaze Poster+ If you were here

If You Were Here is Mycho Entertainment's segment from anthology horror film Blaze of Gory, 10 short stories by one young writer, adapted for the screen through the eyes of ten independent horror directors.  Sophie, a young girl  returns to her childhood home to find that memories of her past may be much more alive than she first thought. As night draws in she falls into a nightmare that drags ghosts from her past, into her present with deadly concesquences.