20th - 29th JANUARY 2017

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Saturday 38th January at the Park Inn Palace Hotel Laurel and Hardy Suite


Saturday 28th January

11am Horror Shorts: Free admission!

Especially for early arrivals: A selection of recent genre shorts – with our compliments!

Thanatopraxy (Victor Palacios  /  2015  /  Spain  /  11m)

The Night Circus (Eskild Krogh  /  2016  /  Denmark /  9m)

Lady Death (Kevin McGuiness  /  2016  /  Canada  /  10m

Thanatoplaxy 315Thanatopraxy

Mary and Monica works in a mortuary, Mary needs a donor heart for his father, Monica has an idea, Steal it from his own work.

Night Circus 315+ The Night Circus

Two men go about their business, removing the departed from local mob hits, when business as usual suddenly becomes rather unusual

LadyDeath 315+ Lady Death

A young reporter investigates a series of mysterious deaths that have taken place in Niagara Falls, only to discover that a seductive and deadly woman is responsible and he begins to fall prey to her charms



12pm Dead Perfect (Jason Wilcox  /  2016  /  UK  /  1h 21m)

During a break in the country, a young couple are haunted by the ghosts of their former partners

+ The Witching Hour (Dan McCloy  /  2015  /  USA  /  26m)


Dead Perfect Strip

12pm Dead Perfect

A young couple go away for a weekend break to the country but whilst there, both get "haunted" in different ways by their "ex-es", one by a series of phone calls, the other through a series of vivid dreams/hallucinations. Could these events  be  linked to the mysterious clown figure, who appears ever more  threateningly to each of them in turn?


Dead Perfect - Feature Trailer from J Wilcox on Vimeo.


WH image 315+ The Witching Hour

Ben and Myra Oswald are awokein the middle of the night by a young girl who is terrified she is being stalked by an unseen force. Trying to help they invite her in, only to find she is not what she seems.


CotD 200

2.30pm Circus of the Dead (Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon  /  2015  /  USA / 1h 42m)

A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game when the circus comes to town

+ Relax (Tim Kelleher  /  2015  /  UK  /  5m)


CotD strip

2.30pm Circus of the Dead

A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game when the circus comes to town and a sadistic clown forces him to examine the things in life he takes for granted in the most horrific ways.


RELAX 315+ Relax

A man who can't sleep searches for ways to relax. He looks in the wrong place, and finds something much worse than insomnia.


THE BARN 2016 200

5pm The Barn (Justin M. Seaman  /  2016  /  USA  /  1h 42m)

Halloween 1989. A group of friends unwisely explore an old barn – and awaken the evil inside

+ Bohemian Spirit (Steven Lancefield  /  2016  /  UK  /  15m)



The Barn Strip

5pm The Barn

Its Halloween 1989, best friends Sam and Josh are trying to enjoy what’s left of their final Devil’s Night before graduating high school. But trouble arises when the two pals and a group of friends take a detour on their way to a rock concert, finding an old abandoned barn and awakening the evil inside. Now it’s up to Sam and Josh to find a way to protect their friends and defeat the creatures that lurk within “The Barn”.


Bohemian 315+ Bohemian Spirit

Gary and Samantha are new in Brighton, and are struggling to find work. Luckily, Gary soon finds employment at an old Victorian theatre, the Bohemian, but soon discovers that the location holds a dark secret : The ghost of a Victorian music hall performer appears at the same time every evening, playing a haunting tune. It is not long before Gary spies a money making opportunity, but it is a venture that he may live to regret…


First Bite With Laurels poster

7.30pm First Bite (Eileen Daly  /  2016  /  UK  /  1h 13m)

Love is in the air for presenter Eileen Daly when her ghost team investigates an enchanted castle

+ Titan (Alvaro Gonzalez  /  2015  /  Spain  /  12m)

+ Talk of the Dead (Eddie Bammeke  /  2016  /  UK/Austria  / 2016)



First Bite Strip

7.30pm First Bite

Love is in town for the ghost team’s presenter Miss Eileen Daly, when the team turn up to solve a mystery in an enchanted castle.

Will they solve it and leave with there 8 pints of blood still in there body’s? Or does love conquer all?



Titan_Photo_Film_315+ Titan

Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is the main stage of the Mission Cronos. Orpheus, one of the astronauts who have descended to its surface, is searching for organic life forms. This is his story.

Talk of the Dead 315+ Talk of the Dead

Since news of a zombie outbreak might hurt the economy, and worse still scare sponsors away, news anchors Hunt Foster and Christina Moray of the "Hunt and Christina Show" are in a bit of a dilemma of how to address the subject - in easily digestible chunks between commercial breaks. But it stands to reason whether inviting Victoria Winkelhauser, CEO of the company responsible for the (alleged) zombie outbreak, and actual zombie Lulu to a discussion round was the smartest of ideas ...


be my cat a film for anne poster 200

10pm Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (Adrian Tofei  /  2015  /  Romania  /  1h 27m)

A young man goes to shocking extremes to convince Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway to star in his film

+ Last Station (Miguel Ruiz Gonzales  /  2016  /  Spain  /  7m)


Be My Cat Still - Adrian 600

10pm Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

A young man in Romania goes to shocking extremes to convince Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway to star in his film.



Last Station 315+ Last Station

Last Station is a little story that shows two characters complete opposites, a small bird "Twin" harmless and quiet, and a very self-centered mass that bothers people who are around "Bud".

This two characters find it in a train station one day in your daily lives where they have a unpleasant contact but less bad for the little bird who go to grab a attitude with a lot prejudices against the big mass.

But the fate is funny and ironic and the two characters go to have a accident with the train, they go to survive but they go to stay lost in the sewer and quickly they see that the only solution it's to work together for to exit of the subterranean maze even though they are your great differences.