20th - 29th JANUARY 2017

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Sunday 29th January at the Park Inn Palace Hotel Laurel and Hardy Suite

11am Horror Shorts: Free Admission!

Another treat for early arrivals: More selected genre shorts – with our compliments!

+ Ikal (Alvaro Figuerola  /  2016  /  Spain  /  15m) 

+ Visor (Mahdiyeh Ahmadi Soleymani  /  2016  /  Iran  /  5m)

+ Ruth (Alex Brau  /  2015  /  Spain  /  6m) 

+ B is for Bath (Lomai  /  2016  /  USA  /  6m)


ikal 315+ Ikal

 A girl is kidnapped and raised by a coven of Witches to see the prophecy fulfilled.


+ Visor

A Tourist enters a traditional Iranian bathroom and realises that the place is totally vacant. He starts having Hallucinations and soon confronts the caretaker.

Ruth 315+ Ruth

Ruth wakes up with a horrible hangover and realizes that she has lost her ring. She calls Luis, her partner, to help her, but he seems to disregard her and that makes Ruth exasperate.

+ B is for Bath


Consumption_poster 200

12pm Consumption (Brandon Scullion  /  2016  /  USA  /  1h 20m)

In the snowy Utah Mountains, an ancient being terrorises four friends

+ Portent (Justin Carter  /  2016  /  UK  /  10m)

+ Pesanta (Angel Valera  /  2015  /  Spain  /  19m)


Consumption strip

12pm Consumption

Evil is Eternal.

A group of friends travel to the snowy Utah mountains for a weekend retreat, but one of them carries with him a very dark secret, one that will destroy their lives forever as they prepare to face an ancient, unstoppable evil that has been growing in the woods outside their winter resort, one that will soon grow inside them all.


 Portent 315+Portent

A young couple enjoy a romantic camping trip one weekend in Devon. But Tom and Ellie's perfect getaway becomes an absolute nightmare when they encounter a supernatural force whilst hiking across Dartmoor. Can they escape this wicked phantasm before it's too late or are they destined to perish just like Ellie fears?


Mahr  is  a  young  nurse  who  travel  to  the  village  where  she  spent  her  childhood  to take  care  of  her  great  aunt,  a  woman  who  nobody  has  seen  for  a  long  time.There she  discovers  the paranoic’s condition that the old lady suffers due to a sleep paralysis.Mahr will end up entering inside her mind and she will be attacked by her same fears and monsters...


Video Killer 200

2.30pm Video Killer (Richard Mansfield  /  2016  /  UK  /  1h 15m)

When Amy receives a haunted VHS tape she must seek help from other victims

+ The Darkness Keeper(Rodrigo Atienzar Jimenez  /  2016  /  Spain  /  18m)

+ Voodoo Rites (Tomi Malakias  /  2016  /  Finland  /  8m)


Video Killer strip

2.30pm Video Killer

When Amy receives a haunted VHS tape containing weird films from a figure stalking her she realises she is not alone and must find other victims who are being haunted in hopes of figuring out who is trying to kill them all.


VIDEO Killer Horror trailer from Mansfield Dark on Vimeo.


cor_574_tn+ The Darkness Keeper

May is afraid of the dark and she has a plan to catch it. But she's forgetting a small detail: when night falls, darkness is everywhere...


Voodoo Rites_still_315+ Voodoo Rites

Teeth Like Tombstones


Creeper Poster

5pm Creeper (Ron Huffstutter  /  2015  /  USA  /  54m)

Amongst the lights and sounds of the city, a predator searches for victims for his sexually twisted fantasies

+ Blanket (Louis Frost  /  2016  /  UK  /  24m)

+ Multi Madness (Louis Segal  /  2016  /  UK  /  13m)


5pm Creeper

Among the lights and sounds of the city a predator roams night clubs and bars searching for victims for his sexually twisted fantasies. Even people with normal everyday jobs have their secrets that they hide from the rest of the world.


Creeper Trailer Final from Tunnel 13 Films on Vimeo.


Blanket 315+ Blanket

A love story that ends in tragedy.  Julie’s life is torn apart and her mental health deteriorates.  Julie is forced to make the biggest decision of her life, but her conclusion to this story has an unexpected twist.



Multi-Madness is a surreal-horror film about a Ventriloquist with Multiple-Personality-Disorder. As a young boy he builds a mechanical dummy from bits of toys and junk, but later uses it as an adult to become a professional.  Given lodging in the basement of an old theatre, he toils away making yet more dummies: an evil Clown, Alien-Creature, Artificial-Intelligence Droid etc.  Soon the act is getting out of control and so is his grip on reality..  Wandering the labyrinthine theatre, he wonders if the dummies are secretly lurking in the dark corners - of his mind...!



Baobhan Poster 200

7.30pm Baobhan Sith (David Hutchison  /  2015  /  UK  /  1h 23m)

A filmmaker and her daughter are coerced into helping an island laird lift a curse from his wife

+ Mr Samhain (Mike Tack  /  2016  /  UK  /  17m)

+ Neck & Neck (Shaun Clark  /  2016  /  UK  /  5m)


Baobhan Strip

7.30pm Baobhan Sith

A filmmaker and her estranged daughter are coerced by an island laird to try and remove a family curse. Inspired by the kidnapping of South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his wife Choi Eun-hee who were forced to make films for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, and also the legend of Scottish demon the Baobhan Sith.

Baobhan Sith trailer from Eyedoll Productions on Vimeo.


Mr Samhaim 315+ Mr Samhain

Find out what’s really going on behind the mask in this documentary about one of Horrors most authentic cosplayers Mister Samhain, and get to meet Freddy, Michael & Jason!


Neck and Neck 315+ Neck & Neck

In the marital bed the surreal sensuality enveloping Othello and Desdemona is disturbed by a dangling telephone. As the phone pours poison into Othello’s mind he transforms into a different entity with detrimental consequences for Desdemona.



The Giant Claw 200

10pm The Giant Claw (Fred F. Sears  /  1957  /  USA  /  1h 15m)

Classic, cheesy 50s sci-fi horror: You won’t believe your eyes! A terrifying giant bird causes worldwide panic

+ Three Wise Monkeys (Miguel Angel Font  /  2015  /  Spain  /  7m)



10pm The Giant Claw !

Global chaos erupts when an enormous bird from outer space ventures to Earth and begins killing scores of innocent bystanders in this awe-inspiring sci-fi thriller starring stunning Mara Corday and Jeff Morrow. It s a race against time for scientists Mitch MacAfee and Sally Caldwell to devise a weapon against this abominable creature before it obliterates the World. Can they do it? Is there enough time? See for yourself in this terrifying adventure of man against monstrosity.


3wm 315+ Three Wise Monkeys

The Three Wise Monkeys represent the will to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.  Rather difficult when it lurks behind every corner. An ambiguous lesson that Zoe will learn the hard way after receiving a sculpture that represents the three monkeys… Summon your wild side